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Our Products!
A combination of educational and game elements make these apps fun tools in learning useful language and math skills. Click the screens to take a closer look.

All apps are available for iPad and (soon) Android tablets.
MathStress, AlphaStress and WordStress also available for iPhone/iPod touch.
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Knowing the alphabet and keyboard is essential to work effectively. Play this knowledge into your hands in AlphaStress.

Play this game to improve your spelling and reading speed.

Being good at mental math makes it easier to work with math problems. Play this to automate basic math.

Idioms are English expressions that mean something else than what the words actually say. This app lets you play with the ones you should really know.

WordStress with long and dfficult words. Makes sense to play this to improve your writing skills.

WordStress AWL Edition
You Win!
The ideal game for settling disagreements and deciding who gets the say.
Two player reaction duel. Best of 3, 5 or 7 rounds.

Hit The Wall!
Test your perception, knowledge and reaction in this fast paced Quiz-game.
Eight categories; football, books, music, film, numbers, cars, letters, geography.
Everybody can participate in their favorite category
Cookie fun! (coming soon)
Letter cookies, lots of fun and no crumbs.
Low carb entertainment for all ages.
Three activities.
- Free play, write what you want.
- WordFun, spell words for the pictures
- Crossword puzzles.

Animated pictures and fun sound effects.
Ballooning to word knowledge.
Practice high frequency words by catching balloons and getting treasure.
Sight words in a new way.
Frequency list of 500 words to improve writing skills and reading speed. Browse the word list to prepare for the task.
Moneyfun, $ - £ - €
Fun with notes and coins. Practise coins and banknotes in three fun activities:
-Saving money in your piggybank
-Counting notes and coins
-Paying from your wallet

Timed or free activity, turn off banknotes to work with coins only. Local list of highscores for each activity. Who is the fastest counter?